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Grab a snifter glass and prepare your palette – the Happy Wednesday festivities on 4, 11 and 18 March are vintage evenings that belong at the heart of every wine lover’s social calendar! In addition to the rare opportunity to uncork choice reds and whites from France, Italy, Argentina, Chile, U.S., Australia & New Zealand, each party comes complete with a generous side order of on-track action! With heart-pounding races, delicious eats, thrilling games, and around 60 of the greatest wine selections from seven countries to choose from, it all adds up to three can’t-miss Happy Wednesdays!



This March, Happy Wednesday is offering racegoers a veritable United Nations of show-stopping vino. Oft-cherished French wines leverage winemaking wisdom that dates back centuries, optimally balancing many complex regional varietal flavours. Italian vinos, meanwhile, are prized for fruit-driven, full flavours that seamlessly blend grape varieties found only in local vineyards. Typified by instantly recognizable grape varietals, Aussie and Kiwi plonks are – like their countrymen – popular for their unpretentious, upfront natures. And comparatively recent arrivals to wine’s top table, Argentinian & Chilean vintages exhibit a boldness of bouquet, body and palate that are all their own.




Looking for the best way to learn more about the subtle differences between each varietal? Simply come along to Happy Valley Racecourse and chat with our wine booth sommeliers while you enjoy a tipple or three! Our affordable HK$100 Wine Pass offers you six 50ml reds and whites of your choice.  Don't miss out exquisite dishes from Italy, France, U.S. & New Zealand cuisines showcased at our trackside kiosks for all three Wines in the Valley parties! 



Wine Tasting Challenge

Think you can sort the hints of oak from the cherry undertones? Talented tasters have a chance to win fabulous prizes at the Wine Tasting Challenge – just one of many exciting trackside games you can try your hand at during Happy Wednesday! 



The Tripple Treasure Hunt

For Wines in the Valley, we’re covering the racecourse with 4 special checkpoints packed with interesting wine facts. To participate in the treasure hunt, simply snap a selfie at each checkpoint and upload it to Facebook or Instagram with the #HWParty or #TippleTreasure tags, and the quickest ten to finish will win two tickets to the internationally-acclaimed Cavalia – the equestrian theatrical spectacular taking place at the Central Harbourfront! And for those who are a bit slower around the course, the most creative photo will also win a pair of tickets! 


adrenaline and The Gallery

The highly acclaimed wine party, Wines in the Valley, will return to Happy Valley Racecourse’s adrenaline and The Gallery on 4, 11 and 18 March. For three consecutive Wednesday nights, the racecourse will be filled with the fragrant aroma of delicious wines from France, Italy, the US, Argentina and Chile. At adrenaline there has been a specially prepared Wine Pass worth $220 that allows you to sample four of 75ml serving of four exquisite wines. Asian jazz diva Jennifer Palor will be performing her signature blue tunes live to bring even more sparkle to the event. For bookings, please call 3690-3690.


Wines in the Valley

4, 11 and 18 March (Wednesdays), 7-11pm

Happy Valley Racecourse

+852 3690 3690 (RSVP) 1817 (Enquiry) 






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