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For Dads that want to stay cool!

With father’s day approaching and summer in the midst, we have a cool gift idea for those dads that get excited by the latest gadgets and gizmos and this one will keep them cool, calm and collected in the summer heat.
Ambi Climate, the add-on that makes your air conditioner smart, is about to hit Hong Kong shelves like a heatwave. With this quintessential household gadget for sweltering Hong Kong summers, dad can switch on the AC with his smartphone before he gets home. Ambi Climate’s automatic, personalized comfort settings mean he’ll never need to pick up the remote control again.
Ambi Climate will be Dad’s new best friend! The smartphone app’s AI understands feedback about how hot or cold he feels, while intelligent sensors gauge weather conditions to automatically adjust AC for the perfect indoor climate—all while saving on household energy bills. It’s a breeze to set up and a joy to use, so even less tech-savvy dads will love it.
Truly Intelligent Air Conditioning
●  Ambient Intelligence: AC that understands you. Ambi Climate learns what is most comfortable to you and controls your AC based on this understanding, delivering optimal indoor comfort for every hour, day and season.
●  Automatic, personalized AC: Our smart algorithm uses machine learning to understand your feedback in the context of seasonal and environmental factors. 
Ingeniously Energy Efficient
●  Comfort Mode: Automatically controls your air conditioner with your comfort preferences in mind.
●  Conveniently manage, monitor and view your air conditioner usage anytime and anywhere.
●  Auto-set conditions to keep your pets cool and your property protected, without wasting energy.
●  Balance comfort and conservation and eliminate energy waste caused by overcooling.
Custom Comfort and Convenience
●  Intelligent sensors gather data about your environment, including outdoor seasonal influences, the time of day, activity levels in the room and other factors.
●  7 infrared transmitters work seamlessly with your existing AC unit.
●  Hassle-free setup in moments. Download the app, link to your remote and instantly enjoy smart AC.
Tech Specs & System Requirements
WiFi: 802.11b, 802.11g, and 802.11n-24
Dimensions: 10.5cm x 5.2cm x 8.8cm
Weight: 150 Grams
Power: 5V DC, 1.0A via micro USB power cable
Transmission: 5 infrared transmitters for AC connection
Bluetooth: 4.0 Low Energy for iBeacon/micro-location
LEDs: Three front-faced LEDs for Wifi Connectivity,            
Ambi Motion Sensor, and Ambi Cloud Connection             
Setup: Broadband internet connection            
iOS: iOS 8 or later; Compatible with iPad touch, iPhone and iPad      
Android: Android 4.1 or later
Availability & Pricing
Available at www.ambiclimate.com and selected online retailers
Launch Price: USD179


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