2016 GODIVA Chinese New Year Limited Collection

The New Year bestows us, the Belgian Royalty approved Chocolate, GODIVA proudly launches its 2016 Limited Edition Chinese New Year collection. The classic red gift box is illustrated with a lively monkey to depict the Year of Monkey. This year, GODIVA’s Limited Edition Chinese New Year Collection is inspired by Chinese tea, drawing the beautiful aromas of teas into the midst of the chocolates. Every bite consists of GODIVA’s rich blessing for the New Year.


GODIVA Year of the Monkey Chocolate

2016 GODIVA’s Chinese New Year collection chocolates uses a lively monkey as its theme, filled with a variety of different chocolates and nuts to perfect the taste, this year GODIVA even uses a selection of Chinese tea, including Jasmine Green tea, Pu Erh and Oolong tea, bringing the essence of Chinese tea to a different level. The richness of the chocolates to the fragrance of the teas is a match made in heaven with every bite. 

Year of the Monkey Dark Chocolate

The light Jasmine green tea provides a smooth, refreshing aroma, layered with crunchy Piémont hazelnut paste, wrapped in a 50% dark chocolate, taking your taste buds on a brand new experience to cruise you through the new year.

Year of the Monkey Milk Chocolate

The fragrance of Pu Erh tea melts into a rich 64% Peruvian dark chocolate, layered with delicate Hawaiian Macadamia nuts, wrapped in a creamy milk chocolate shell. The combination of this chocolate makes you want to dwell in the moment. 

Year of the Monkey White Chocolate

71% Ecuadorian chocolate is combined with the signature Chinese Oolong tea creating a perfect harmony. The bottom layer is a medley of soy nuts and walnuts, the monkey shell is crafted out of a smooth white chocolate layer, bringing happiness into the new year.


Chinese New Year Chocolate Gift Box

GODIVA’s Year of the Monkey Chocolate gift box presents elegance, the red box is filled with Chinese New Year blessings, the monkey is given life, by being playfully elevated in gold. On this joyous occasion, GODIVA hopes this box will bring dreams, blessings and hope to family, friends and loved ones this year. 

Chinese New Year Chocolate Gift Box 9pcs.

HK$318 / NT$1,280 / S$51

Chinese New Year Chocolate Gift Box 18pcs.

HK$518 / NT$2,200 / S$89

Chinese New Year Chocolate Gift Box 28pcs.

HK$798 / NT$3,300 / S$132


Chinese New Year Carré Gift Box

GODIVA’s Chinese New Year Carré Chocolate gift box uses two unique flavours to concoct this year’s Carré chocolates, a Smooth milk chocolate filled with crunchy pieces of puffed rice and a Caramelized hazelnut crisps coated by intense dark chocolate. The two very distinct flavours fulfill the celebration of this special occasion. The red silk box overflows with blessings into the Year of the Monkey, delivering the most sincere wishes to loved ones.

Chinese New Year Chocolate Carré Gift Box 15pcs.

HK$218 / NT$880 / S$39

Chinese New Year Chocolate Carré Gift Box 28pcs.

HK$388 / NT$1,450 / S$61

Chinese New Year Liquor Chocolate Gift Box 9pcs.

HK$328 / NT$1,320 / S$55

New Year liquor-filled chocolate gift boxes consists of two decadent flavours: Cherié, and Cherry Cordial, every bite of these two dark chocolates fill the soup with the delicious aroma of cherries. The warmth of the chocolate brings blessings to family members and friends alike.


Chinese New Year Luxury Gift Box

A collection of GODIVA’s Year of the Monkey Limited Edition chocolates, each piece shines like a jewel, bespoke to your taste, all contained in a jewelry box. It is the beginning of a New Year, the air is filled with the sweetness of chocolates, allows you to indulge in the air of the New Year. 

Chinese New Year Chocolate Luxury Gift Box

19pcs.  HK$698 / NT$2,920 / S$117

28pcs.  HK$958 / NT$3,980 / S$158

36pcs.  HK$1,238 / NT$4,980 / S$206


Chinese New Year Hamper

GODIVA 2016 Chinese New Year hampers are an abundance of blessings in the form of chocolates. These specially packaged GODIVA New Year hampers are the best way to celebrate the beginning of beautiful melody, delivering delicious blessings to your friends or family, celebrating the coming year.  

Delight Gift Hamper

HK$1,980 / NT$ 7,560 / S$323

Contains the excitement of Chinese New Year, includes a Chinese New Year Gift Box 18pcs, Carré Collection All Assorted Gift Box 36pcs, Biscuits Box 36pcs, Milk Chocolate Truffle 5pcs, 72% Dark Chocolate with Almonds Tablet, Dark Chocolate Pretzels and Milk Chocolate Cocoa, bringing you tremendous blessings of warmth and surprises in the new year. 

Decadence Gift Hamper

HK$2,980 / NT$11,500 / S$498

Includes Chinese New Year Gift Box 9pcs, Chinese New Year Gift Box 28pcs, Chinese New Year Carré Gift box 28pcs, Truffé Chocolate 16pcs, Biscuits Tin 50pcs, 72% Dark Chocolate with Almonds tablet, Dark Chocolate Pretzels and Milk Chocolate Cocoa. Share these delicious blessing with your loved ones, wishing them all a joyous new year.


New Year Promotion

  1. Receive 20pcs of Individually Wrapped Chocolate Truffles upon purchase HK$1,800/ S$300 (net) or above of Chinese New Year Chocolate gift boxes in one single transaction (not applicable to purchase of hamper)
  2. Enjoy 15% discount for GODIVA V.I.P. on Chinese New Year gift box or hamper by presenting GODIVA V.I.P. card
  3. Enjoy 10% discount upon purchase of HK$680 / S$110 (net) or above of Chinese New Year gift box or hamper in one single transaction by presenting GODIVA membership card


Terms and Conditions

• Offers valid till January 28, 2016

• Offers cannot be used in conjunction with other promotional offers

• Available while stock lasts

• Photo is for reference only

• In case of disputes, the decision of Godiva Chocolatier (Asia) Limited shall be final and binding


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