Japan famous Tiovita series Tiovita 3000 to Be Released in Hong Kong

Taiho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.  (Headquarter: Tokyo, Japan, CEO: Mr.  Masayuki Kobayashi) announced that the Japanese nutrition&energy drink “Tiovita 3000” will be released in Hong Kong 7-11 and Circle K for the first time on the 21st April, 2016.

“Tiovita 3000” is newly developed based on “Tiovita Drink (designated quasi-drug)”, which was originally launched in 1964 in Japan.  The new product features a localized taste with a fresh grape flavor and label designed to meet consumers in Hong Kong.  It contains more nutritious ingredients, such as taurine and vitamin B complex (B1, B2, B6), than the original “Tiovita Drink”.  Taurine is known for helping to recover from fatigue.

“Tiovita 3000” is produced from the clean natural water of the Yoshii River in Okayama prefecture at Taiho Pharmaceutical’s Okayama plant, which is known for its environmental initiatives.  Taiho Pharmaceutical will distribute “Tiovita 3000” in Hong Kong through a local distributer, RS Lifestyle, which specializes in marketing and distributing OTC and healthcare supplement products.  It is going to be on sale in convenience stores like 7-11 and Circle K as the first step in Hong Kong.

“Tiovita 3000” is named “速健能 3000” in Chinese: 速 means fast, referring to how quick it is to get good nutrition by consuming the drink; 健 stands for how the drink supports a healthy life; and 能 indicates the energy benefits of the drink.  Taiho Pharmaceutical will promote this modern, tasty, and made-in-Japan drink to Hong Kong’s busy workers to recover and refresh themselves quickly every day.

Taiho Pharmaceutical determines to keep contributing to healthy life through Tiovita series. 

【Features of “Tiovita 3000”】 
Sales No.1 in Japan market*
100% made in Japan 
Three times the taurine and twice the vitamin B complex of the original「Tiovita・Drink」 
Just 100mL drink supplies nutrition quickly and easily, “Drastic boost of performance at any moment.  Perform to the greatest at every moment”
Refreshing grape flavor which loved by Hong Kong people
Premium label design which attracts and is suitable for every one 
*Taiho data on file (2015)  



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