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Joy of Lights at Grand Plaza & Gala Place

Bustling Mongkok celebrates Christmas in style with dazzling Joy of Light festivities at the Grand Plaza and Gala Place!
Mongkok, a must-see destination for visitors to Hong Kong, becomes that much more vibrant and colourful during the Christmas period, with the area draped in festive lights and decorations. And Grand Plaza, a large shopping complex located in the heart of Mongkok right next to the MTR Mongkok Station Exit, is ground zero for all the happenings as it celebrates the Joy of Lights promotion. The main feature is a large eight-meter tall Scandinavianstyle real timber Christmas tree at Gala Place, complete with reindeers and a special light installation.
Shop to your heart’s content and dine at Grand Plaza’s quality international cuisine outlets and win shopping prizes as well. Here are our picks of restaurants and their signature dishes for the special dining occasion.
Paradise Dynasty
This quality Chinese restaurant serves primarily both northern and southern Chinese cuisine and dim sum. Paradise’s Xiao Long Bao with eight favours is their signature dish. The Steamed Sliced Fish with Pickled Chili ($108), a Hunanese dish of tender fish slices, sour pickled cabbage, and minced chili peppers steamed and served in a bamboo urn, is perfect for a cool winter’s meal.
Shop 203 & 205 Grand Plaza;T: 2177 3456
This Japanese restaurant with a Mediterranean touch offers innovative and tasty dishes. The Spanish Seafood Paella ($98, half portion) features fresh mussels, shrimp, and squid rings cooked in Japanese rice and mixed with seasonable vegetables- a real Christmas treat indeed.
Shop 208 Grand Plaza;T:2511 1937
This popular casual dining joint specialises in creating a mixed variety of Japanese Hotpot, Cutlet & Sushi. Japanese and Korean crossover kimchi-based hotpot (268) filled with juicy pork slices, assorted vegetables and Korean rice cake is perfect for a warm gathering with your loved ones.
Shop 101-102, Grand Plaza;T: 2391 2112
Nabe Urawa
Treat your friends and family to a hearty meal at this Japanese restaurant. The Supreme Beef and Seafood Buffet (268) is a hotpot dinner to be savoured, featuring a Japanese soup base mixed with fresh wasabi. Top quality USA beef, New Zealand mussels, Norwegian Salmon, Japanese squid eaten piping hot is what makes this a hotpot extravaganza.
Shop 118, Grand Plaza;T: 2866 8876
Udon Gozen Imazuke
This cozy Japanese restaurants serves tasty udon and other set meals. The Imasuke Pork Cutlet Combo ($100) is a favourite with diners. The thick and tender pork cutlet, golden crispy fried, is mouth-watering, and the rice, miso soup and sashimi accompaniments make for a satisfying meal.
Shop 202 Grand Plaza;T: 2465 4387
La’taste Vietnamese Cuisine
Taste authentic Vietnamese dishes right in the heart of Mongkok with a collection of Vietnamese delights. The Seared Tuna with Green Mango and green Papaya Salad ($88) is refreshingly healthy and zesty, with the fresh, seared tuna accented nicely by with the sweet and sour sauce. 

Shop 116 Grand Plaza;T:2997 1038

Where Trends Meet

International flagships keep burgeoning on 4 bustling streets in Mongkok, where the Grand Plaza, Hollywood Plaza and Gala Place are the breeding ground,transforming shopping experience to one of flagship-hopping.Friends gather together for international fare… It is the place Where Trends Meet.
Fantastic prizes and rewards
Until January 2, 2017, customers spending $300 or more at Grand Plaza, Hollywood Plaza and Gala Place by electronic payment, can win one of 1500 exciting prizes valued over $100,000 total by entering into the "Joyful Tree-Shooting Star" virtual reality game and collect the designated number of stars. Prizes include branded handbags, sunglasses, instant cameras, hair products and Grand Plaza dining coupons. 
(Edited on 08/12/2016)


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