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Asia Merging Leading brand awards 2016

A group of rapid development in recent years, proactive, committed to innovation and outstanding performance of the industry outstanding brand is gradually expanding its influence in the region, they both have a good brand competitive advantage, but also have the potential for sustainable development, Yazhou Zhoukan has held " Asia Merging Leading brand awards 2016" selection in this year, to explore and commend its outstanding contribution. To honor the "global vision, the pursuit of excellence" concept of the enterprise and brand. This is a brand identity of the era, the success of enterprises and products, and brand is inseparable, behind the brand, and has their unique values​and corporate culture


SUPIA ASIA was selected as “Asia Merging Leading brand awards 2016" by Yazhou Zhoukan. This year, there are ten companies award-winning, Supia Asia Co., Limited is the only beauty industry award-winning enterprises. Supia Asia will continue to adhere to the brand concept of "All in One and Love Natural".  We hope Supia’s products can bring the natural beauty concept to most of the peoples.


Each people want to have the natural beauty and perfect skin, they always cannot resist the charm of skin care products, so it came many beauty brands to Hong Kong. In such a fierce competitive environment, it’s not simple to develop new brand, the Hong Kong entrepreneur Ms Winston Yand brought the Supia Black Pitera from Korean and 夢素肌 from Japan since 2015, these 2 products matched to our concept "Love Nature", they are the high-quality skin care products by natural ingredients with all-in-one benefits, even pregnant women, babies also used to be assured.


Many skin care brands use of chemicals, or added to the skin of harmful ingredients. It is imperative to use all-natural ingredients and never use artificial colors, synthetic fragrances, preservatives, sulphates, mineral oils, hormones, talc or genetically modified products, all products Must pass skin expert test.


Supia Asia brand SUPIA black pitera is the most attention Korea skin care new brand in this year. The main component of black yeast extract is derived from a natural black yeast enzyme, also known as dark golden Basidiomycetes. This natural ingredient has excellent detoxification, anti-inflammatory, anti-senility, anti-aging and melanin effect of the skin, the use of the skin can effectively strengthen the basal cells, reduce melanin secretion, thereby reducing pigmentation, more whitening and moisturizing The effect.


Another trump card products 金庄夢素肌series, products from the Japanese professional salon and beauty care products manufacturers Suhada Beauty Lab. Suhada has more than 40 years of experience in R & D, 金庄夢素肌series by Japanese ladies love, more for five consecutive years of salon-level care products sales champion. Ace products "金庄夢素肌emollient cream" has been out of stock for several times, but it also recognized as one of the most powerful moisturizing skin care products in the Japanese beauty industry

金庄夢素肌emollient cream made by the natto extract γ-PGA as the main R & D components. The ingredients can be a strong replenishment, moisturizing power is several times more than hyaluronic acid, more flexible than collagen to improve dry, so that the pores of fine, fine lines of the better, absorbed in the skin, immediately feel the supple change, the skin Looks bright and natural, rosy.


Supia Asia can be success in a short period, it depends on the clear imagine in Love natural and All in One product image. All of their brands are extracted from natural materials, in addition to their excellent and healthy skin care effect, but also make the product more cost-effective. Ms Winston Yang, who is also the CEO of Supia Asia, has gained rich experience and business intelligence, and has just won the 2016 The Excellent in Achievement of World Chinese Youth Entrepreneur Award. Supia Asia can be described as double happiness in this year.


To change the world, must be affordable, in order to let this from small to large my brand beliefs, to flourish. Not only cater to the needs of consumers, but also truly allow the general public can enjoy and affordable skin care to share.


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