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LANDMARK Celebrates Hong Kong Art Month with ‘Nature in Motion’ Exhibition featuring LANDMARK’s ‘Meadow’ and FENDI’s ‘The Shapes of Water’

LANDMARK celebrates Hong Kong Art Month with a special ‘dual’ art-installation, as a curation of two separate yet co-existing works are brought together in a stunning display of kinetics and flowing water, resembling the art, colour and movement of nature.
LANDMARK ATRIUM’s iconic fountain provides the setting for ‘Nature in Motion’, a joint exhibition, running from 26th March to 14th April, celebrating the imaginative interplay of nature and art. The exhibition includes two specially curated installations; ‘Meadow’, created for LANDMARK by Dutch collective Studio Drift, and ‘The Shapes of Water’, a stunning series of fountains created by Dutch designer Sabine Marcelis, inspired by the acclaimed FENDI fashion house.
“‘Nature in Motion’ is presented during Hong Kong Art Month, and supports our theme of ‘Celebration’, as part of LANDMARK’s ‘A Year of Play’ campaign, with an imaginative combination of two diverse yet complimentary exhibits offering an artistic interpretation of the natural world,” explained Mr Raymond Chow, Executive Director of Hongkong Land. “LANDMARK’s collaboration with FENDI has resulted in a truly unique exhibition, offering an artistically playful exploration of how nature, art, and style intersect in the heart of LANDMARK.”

Suspended from the ceiling of LANDMARK ATRIUM, the artwork ‘Meadow’, the creative work formed by Lonneke Gordijn and Ralph Nauta, creates a constantly moving landscape of light. The kinetic sculpture consists of mechanical flowers that open and close in a poetic choreography, reflecting growth and the impermanence of the ever-changing seasons.

"Like everything that is alive, ‘Meadow’ functions only as a group, not one flower works alone,” explained Ralph. “Together they are one big living organism, reacting to the space and reaching out to touch the public, making the passers-by, for a short moment, wander in nature.”

"It is very exciting for Studio Drift to have this opportunity to present ‘Meadow’ to a large audience in Hong Kong,” said Lonneke. “We hope that the installation will touch the Hong Kong public in their hearts and make them feel connected both with their environment and each other."

‘The Shapes of Water’ showcases a series of ten fountain displays that use the delicate beauty of water as a design tool. Inspired by the famed FENDI fashion-house and its close associations with water and the fountains of Rome, the fountain installations are the creation of Dutch designer Sabine Marcelis and represent many of the iconic symbols, craftsmanship, traditions and creativity of the acclaimed Roman luxury house.
“I am very excited to have the opportunity to present ‘The Shapes of Water’ at LANDMARK. The installation represents ten iconic aspects of the FENDI brand,” said Sabine. “It is actually the first time I’ve worked with the concept of movement. My work with resin and glass, which already have a very fluid aspect, inspired me to experiment with water as a medium, which is very dynamic and aesthetic.”

The use of ethereal materials in the two artistic installations, with polished resin and water in contrast to the stone and warm colours reminiscent of the Roman skies adopted by Sabine, compliments perfectly the soft colour palate of the ‘bloom’ lighting of Studio Drift’s ‘Meadow’.
The dual installation ‘Nature in Motion’ creates a harmonious and highly complementary addition to LANDMARK ATRIUM. Style and art intertwine with special campaigns to celebrate the exhibition, including a LANDMARK release of a world-exclusive design of FENDI’s iconic Peekaboo bag, in five stunning colours, created by FENDI creative director Silvia Venturini Fendi.

The unique creation is exclusively available at LANDMARK between 26th March and 14th April and can be reserved through LANDMARK Style Concierge. Reserve any items through LANDMARK Style Concierge during the period to receive up to 9,000 BESPOKE points. BESPOKE members purchasing any FENDI items will earn double BESPOKE points.

LANDMARK’s F&B artisans are also celebrating the art-initiative, with crafted delicious cocktail and dessert culinary accompaniments to enjoy throughout exhibition period. Mixologists at Dr Fern’s Gin Parlour have concocted the floral-themed ‘Flowers in the Snow’ and ‘The Blossom’ cocktails, accompanied by the ‘Meadow Martini’ created by Dot Cod Seafood Restaurant and Oyster Bar; the ‘Lychee Rose Martini’ by L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon; the ‘Burning History’ whisky-mix cocktail by Zuma, Mak Mak’s The Bare Necessities brings a fresh spring taste in green, which compliments the Superfood Blue Spirulina Latte by The Cakery.

Delightful desserts include Strawberry Wild from The Cakery, and Zuma’s Steam Soya Milk Tofu with Wild Strawberries and Sudachi Sorbet in a nod to nature; whilst a delectable collection of three delicious cup-cakes by Sift offer a playful homage to spring.


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