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Shang and Zhou Bronzes and Casting Technology

Of all the material culture from throughout the long history of China, the ritual bronzes from the Shang and Zhou dynasties stand as some as of the most impressive and stately.  These ritual bronzes are some of the earliest tangible evidence of Chinese civilization, culture and art, showing a high level of craftsmanship and magnificent artistry.  Scholars and literati in the Song dynasty studied these bronzes in detail, documenting the different types of ritual vessels and collecting them and appreciating them as pieces of art. This admiration for Shang and Zhou bronzes carried through to the Qing dynasty, when Emperor Qianlong’s imperial workshops produced bronze, cloisonné and even ceramic pieces modelled after the ancient bronzes. Collectors today are no less enamored, if well-publicized sales of bronzes at Sotheby’s and Christie’s and other established auctions houses are anything to go by, with individual pieces going for millions of US dollars.  
On 4-5 November 2016, Chinese Cultural Studies Center and BA in Cultural Management Programme at The Chinese University of Hong Kong will be jointly organizing a 2-day conference on Shang and Zhou Bronzes and their Casting Technology at The Chinese University of Hong Kong.  This conference will be the largest conference on ancient bronzes to ever be held in Hong Kong, and its list of eminent presenters include archaeologists and experts from China, Canada, France, and Japan.  
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