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World's Oldest Collegiate A cappella Group visits Hong Kong Renowned Yale University A Cappella Choir Whiffenpoofs to perform in Olympian City and Lee Tung Avenue

 There is a piece of good news for music fans. Whiffenpoofs, the world’s oldest and best known collegiate a capella group, will visit Olympian City and Lee Tung Avenue on 23 March to give public performances in Hong Kong. The group will conduct a couching session on the pitch-perfect unaccompanied singing techniques, where the audiences will revel in an extravaganza of music featuring outlandish imitation of the sounds of musical instruments for free.


A cappella, which refers to choral music sung without instrumental accompaniment, is an emerging genre in recent years. On 23 March, Olympian City and Lee Tung Avenue tap Whiffenpoofs, an esteemed a cappella choir from Yale University that counts international celebrities the US presidents among its audiences, to present 2 performances.


Elvis Presley covered The Whiffenpoof Song

For the public to enjoy an intimate rendezvous with a cappella music, Whiffenpoofs will give performance in Olympian City, and Lee Tung Avenue. In each performance, 14 seasoned vocalists from Yale will showcase their spellbinding virtuosity of pure vocal harmony that blows the audience’s mind. The Whiffenpoof Song, the group's traditional closing number, has been recorded by Elvis Presley, Louis Armstrong, and countless others. Meanwhile, ex U.S. President George Bush’s grandfather was a member of the group too.


The programme features a diverse repertoire that ranges from contemporary pop hits to classic tunes cherrypicked from the group’s self-released albums and more to enchant the audiences with exceptional skills. The audience will also be introduced to a cappella techniques to gain a thorough understanding of the genre and create tunes with pure voice or simulate instrumental sounds in an innovative exchange of passion for music.


A Prominent Ensemble Performed at the White House


Founded in 1909, Whiffenpoofs is the world’s oldest a cappella group comprised of 14 best signers at Yale. Since its inception, the choir has achieved global acclaim and performed in venues ranging from academic institutions to embassies and to the White House. The group also appeared on TV shows like the final of GLEE season 4 which 175 million audience watched the program. Every year, they perform 200 concerts all around the world.  Boasting a diverse repertoire ranging from jazz standards to classic tunes, and from contemporary pop hits and traditional folk ballads, Whiffenpoofs is revered as the best university a cappella choir for its virtuoso sound.



Edited on Mar 6, 2019


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