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The National Folklore Dance Troupe of Egypt December 2019


Fans of multicultural music performances are in for a special treat as the National Folklore Dance Troupe of Egypt, a renowned organization representing the Egyptian Government worldwide for cultural exchange, will be preforming in Hong Kong in early 2020 as part of her 60th anniversary celebrations. 

Music and dance are an integral part of Egyptian culture which has evolved over 7000 years in one of the oldest civilizations in human history. In fact, the popular Belly Dance (traditional Raks Sharqi) has its root in Egyptian Folklore Dance of which it is but one variation. Egyptian Folklore Dance, which is rich in colourful culture and history, is an ancient art form that features many different dance forms. The dance itself consists of movements that interprets melodies in the music and springs from the soul and unites its participants in a common bond. 

Be sure to mark your calendar and treat yourself to enchanting and enjoyable dance performance and an appreciation of one of the most venerable cultural heritage from ancient times. 


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