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From Financial Professional to Award-Winning Artist Adwin Yau’s Prose Poems Art Exhibition

"Adwin Yau's Prose Poems Art Exhibition" features the growth and results of the eight- year art journey of Mr Adwin Yau, from a financial professional to an award-winning painter. This is the first solo exhibition of Adwin Yau, showing appropriately 30 pieces of his best works. Yau's style is mainly narrative, aiming to convey a feeling, a message, a story, or even a poem. He believes that paintings should go beyond only being visually appealing; but also touch the hearts of people through its every details, which makes art inspiring, meaningful and valuable!
The solo exhibition is held from February 8 to February 19, 2020, with art demonstration and sharing session by Adwin Yau to be held on February 15 (Saturday). Venue: Jackson Lee Arts Centre & Gallery, at Room 1601, K83, 83 Tai Lin Pai Road, Kwai Chung. Art enthusiasts are welcomed to attend and exchange views on art.
Artist Adwin Yau-Biography:
Yau owns a Bachelor degree in Finance and Accounting and with a "Certified Financial Planner" (CFPCM) professional qualification. He has always been in the finance profession, currently senior management executive at two wealth management companies.
In 2012, Adwin Yau joined the art arena, studying Lingnan ink painting and Western painting. He later participated in different art competitions and obtained enouraging results. Adwin Yau is currently a member of the Hong Kong Painters Association, a member of the Hong Kong International Watercolor Painting Association (IWSHK), and a member of the Hong Kong Exlibris Association. He also hosts painting class, nurturing others to express themselves through poetic paintings.
Yau's style is mainly narrative, featuring stories and his delicate emotional expression. Oil and watercolor are his main creative media. His works have participated in many local and overseas exhibitions, and are collected by institutions and private collectors.
In 2014, the oil painting "Flying" won the top ten awards in the "2014 Hong Kong Contemporary Visual Arts Award", a recognized art competition and award in Hong Kong as acknowledged by the Arts Development Council of Hong Kong.
In 2015, the oil painting works "An emerging Dream" and "Dream of a Teenage Boy" were selected into the "2015 Hong Kong Oil Painting Exhibition";
In 2016, the watercolor work "Children's Heart and Childish Fun" was selected into the "Bulgarian International Watercolor Triennial";
In 2016, watercolor works "Wonderful Moments" were selected into the "Canada International Watercolor Biennial";
In 2016, the watercolor work "Deeply immersed in the joy of reading" was selected into the "12th Mexican Watercolor Biennale";
In 2017, selected into the National Watercolor Society-2017 NWS Member Exhibition "international exhibition;
In 2018, one of the 60 finalists in "2018 First World Watercolor Network Contest" (from a total of 1200 entries from 70 countries around the world)
In 2018, his work was selected into the "Louisiana Watercolor Society" International Watercolor Exhibition;
In 2019, he won the most welcome prize at online voting of the "Living in the Mansion, I Draw My City" postcard design competition held by the Hong Kong Buildings Department (selected from more than 5,000 exhibited works);
In 2019, he was selected as the top 70in “The Malaysia Online Juried all Medium Competition-Landscape”.


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