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JASMINE: Introducing Modern New Year Dim Sum and Prosperity Toss

Celebrating the golden year of the ox, Jasmine brings a moderntouch to its collection of dim sum and new year dishes. A creative approach to the traditional dim sum affair, all dishes are named with prophetic significance and alludes an auspicious start to the new year.

Core to the restaurant’s roots, Jasmine introduces 8 hand crafted dim sum for the new year. The quartet of Siu Mai, Steamed Mince Pork Dumplings With Abalone, Conpoy, Scallop and Black Moss ($55 and up/ serving of 4), is paired with unique toppings that symbolize wealth. Deep Fried Salmon Pastry With Mashed Taro ($45 and up/ 3 pieces) features delicious taro filling encased in a wealth bringing mascot pastry while the crispy Baked Cheese and Lobster Tarts ($55 and up/ 3 pieces) is a delicate bite size delight. The three tiered Chilled Red Bean and Coconut Pudding ($36 and up/ 3 pieces) showcases the intricacies of Chinese desserts, ending the meal on a sweet note.

By tradition, most new year dishes come in big portions. With dining restrictions still in place, Jasmine premieres an intricate variation of new year dishes suitable for one person. This includes Braised Whole Abalone, Conpoy, Fish Maw, Dried Oyster, Black Moss, Mushroom & Bean Curd Sheet in Bucket ($68 and up/ serving) and Braised Pork Knuckle With Black Moss & Lettuce ($45 and up/ serving). All dim sum and dishes are available from 12 - 26 February, 2021 in all Jasmine branches.

Apart from the collection of 12 felicitous dine-in new year dishes, Jasmine introduces its first ever Prosperity Toss (HSB credit card offer $198), also known as “lo hei” in Cantonese. It involves diners enthusiastically tossing and mixing all the ingredients using their chopsticks. The higher the tosses, the happier one will be. Homophone for an increase in abundance, salmon sashimi is one of the key ingredients. Jasmine’s take on the Singaporean-rooted communal dish also includes abalone to symbolize guaranteed wealth. Prosperity Toss serves four to six people and is available for self pick up or delivered straight to the door.


Promotion Period: 1 - 28 February, 2021




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