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International luxury brand Charriol presents Forever Colour series

Leading international luxury brand Charriol, specializing in exquisite Swiss timepieces, jewelry, and accessories, spices up its classic rose-gold look with 12 brand new colors, providing fashion lovers with a dozen new choices to add color to their fall outfit.  Internationally renowned artists and designer minds behind the brand, Alexandre Charriol and his sister Coralie Charriol-Paul, turn the collection into a unique fashion experience with their extraordinary feel for painterly aesthetics. Being accessible to the public and yet conveying an iconic extravagance, Charriol’s clientele includes renowned actors at the International Film Festival 2015 in Cannes, making the brand the watchmaker to the Stars.  
Color has been gradually taking center stage on catwalks for several seasons now, and the collective love affair with bright shades and vibrant patterns and motifs seems here to stay. Evoking a fairytale-meets-rock mood, the Forever Colors collection comes in 12 rainbow shades that echo the urban-folk trends that continue to populate the runways. 
The colors are intended to represent our moods and emotions, with a shade for every feeling – from zingy and upbeat to pensive and dreamy: 12 energetic, lively tones that can be easily mixed and matched. This new palette expresses the shared desire for a more optimistic vision of the future, a more youthful, energetic attitude and perhaps a way to remain forever young. The result is a collection of different, fresh looks that will energize any outfit. 
Visit www.charriol.com for more product information.


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