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Cha Ling is a French-Chinese luxury brand of skin care products based on extracting anti-aging and antioxidant active ingredients from Pu’Er tea leaves of 200-year old trees in Yunnan Province. Its retail outlet in Harbour City offers clients special facial massage treatment using Cha Ling’s proprietary products based on Combining Chinese philosophy with the principles of Traditional Medicine to a French sensoriality developed by LVMH Research. Cha Ling holds that true beauty is not just a story of aesthetics, of smooth and youthful skin, it emanates from an internal harmony.


We tried the Cha Ling Signature Facial Treatment (90 minutes/$1,200; 60 minutes/$900). The therapist began by applying a gentle foot massage, before moving on to the main treatment. Soothing music in the background helps to relax the body as the professional therapist works on the massage. A cleansing cream is applied to the face before applying the Cha Ling mask and massage cream. The Pu’Er leaves are said to help detoxify and regenerate the skin while adding no artificial chemical ingredients.


Our massage treatment helped relax tension and we could feel the stimulative effect of the Pu’Er ingredients. Cha Ling is definitely worth a visit.


Shop 3306A, L3, Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui L3, 3306A;3101 0708


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