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Amooma Spa

Amooma Spa is a recently opened luxury spa located on a quiet Wanchai side street, just off Queen’s Road East. The elegantly appointed spa aims to balance body and mind by offering unique spa experiences that emphasise energy restoration, holistic healing techniques and proven next-generation technology, together with premium spa treatment products.


The spa’s elegant white marble lobby and natural wood flooring exude tranquillity. Its private room is equipped with a steam sauna room and a rain shower head. The therapists are professionally trained, friendly and warm. Amooma’s pace is unhurried, allowing plenty of time for preparation, sauna, relaxation and the massage itself.


Amooma Spa offers several tailored treatment solutions ranging from the Amooma Complete Wellness ($2,820/120 minutes) to Amooma Feeling Journey ($1,820/120 minutes) which was our choice. Our treatment started with relaxation at the aromatherapy steam room. Then the therapist applied exclusive treatment products from Ling, a top-end skincare provider popular with Hollywood celebrities, that included body scrub, hydration, balm and essential oil, with a soothing Thai-style massage. The effect was immediate as the body felt much more relaxed and the skin more supple and firm.


Amooma Spa is quite a hidden gem, and you heard about it here! If you want to experience an intimate and relaxing session at a luxurious spa, give Amooma a visit.


G/F 14 Sik On Street, Wan Chai ; 2111 3535 or Whatsapp: 9533 9288


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